Q. How can I find out my registration appointment time?

A. Students may check their registration status, including holds which affect registration or transcripts, via Banner Self-Service.

  1. Log into my.uncc.edu using your NinerNet credentials.
  2. Click on the link for 'Banner Self-Service'.
  3. Click the link for 'Student Services/Student Accounts'.
  4. Click the 'Registration' link.
  5. Click the 'Check Your Registration Status'.
  6. Select the desired term from the pull down menu and click 'Submit'.
  7. You will now see your registration details, including your registration time ticket, holds, and academic standing.

Q. How do I find out who my advisor is?

A. Your assigned advisor(s) should be listed on your General Student Record. The best way to quickly find your advisor is to:

  1. Log into my.uncc.edu.
  2. Click on 'CONNECT'
  3. Click on 'Home' icon to view the Student Home screen.
  4. View your assigned advisors in the 'Your Success Team' box at right.

For more information on advisors and advising assignments, please visit http://advising.uncc.edu/students/my-advisor/finding-my-advisor.

Q. I have general questions about advising that I need help with right now. Where do I go?

A. Please visit an Academic Advisor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Duke 380. Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 5PM.

Q. Am I required to study a foreign language for the BSME degree?

A. No; College of Engineering students are not required to take foreign language courses.

Q. How many hours do I need in order to graduate?

A. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) are required to complete 126 credit hours for degree completion. Students pursuing the BSME with a concentration in Motorsports, Energy, or Biomedical Engineering are required to complete 127 credit hours for degree completion. The additional credit hour is for the Introduction to Motorsports, Energy, or Biomedical Engineering course, MEGR 2299, 2249, and 2279 respectively.

Q. How do I find out if I have enough credits and all classes required to graduate?

A. Your CAPP Degree Evaluation is the best tool for determining if you have met all the requirements for your degree. Instructions for generating your CAPP Degree Evaluation can be found here. Questions or concerns about the evaluation should be directed to an MEES Academic Advisor in Duke 380.

Q. Do I have to make a C or better in all major classes?

A. No; refer to the BSME Academic Plan of Study for the most accurate information regarding degree program requirements. The 'Notes' column designates for each individual course whether a grade of C or better is required.

Q. What is my major GPA and how is it calculated?

A. Students in the College of Engineering have a major GPA that includes all attempts of engineering courses (courses designated by a prefix of ENGR, MEGR, ECGR, CEGR, and SEGR) with the exception of attempts for which grade replacement has been implemented. The CAPP Degree Evaluation does not properly count repeated courses. The best way to calculate and keep track of your major GPA is through the BSME Degree Tracking Spreadsheet with Major GPA Calculator.

In the spreadsheet you must enter all courses for which you received a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F. You must include all courses taken even if they are repeated, unless you implemented a grade replacement and it shows as a 'QD' or 'QF' on your transcript.

Q. Can I bypass pre-requisites for a course?

A. No; students must have transfer or earned credit for the pre-requisite course(s) before enrolling in the subsequent course. Banner determines the status of the pre-requisite requirement(s). Students with credit not accurately reported on the transcript should see a Student Services Specialist for assistance with enrollment.

Some courses in the BSME Academic Plan of Study require co-requisites or have pre- or co-requisites designated. The BSME Degree Tracking Spreadsheet with Major GPA Calculator is the best reference for the most current pre- and co-requisite requirements for the BSME.

Q. How do I get a permit for class?

A. Please see a MEES Academic Advisor for assistance with course permits or authorizations.

Q. I want to register for a course, but it is closed because the section as reached its maximum enrollment. Can I get on a wait list for the course and, if so, how?

A. If it is early in the registration period, it is best to check Banner Self-Service frequently to see if seats are added to courses or additional sections are made available. The MEES department controls enrollment by adding seats to course sections incrementally. As the registration period progresses, and you are still not able to secure a seat in the course, please contact an MEES Academic Advisor. They will provide an override if necessary, or will add your name to a waiting list.

Students on a waiting list for a course will be notified via their UNC Charlotte email when a seat is made available for enrollment.

A good time to check for open seats is during the period just after grades are posted for each semester, and during the add/drop period for semesters. Enrollment changes frequently during these periods and you may get lucky!

Q. When can I see an advisor?

A. Advising and academic assistance is always available to BSME students! During pre-registration advising (October and March) you are expected to interact with your assigned advisor by completing the advising requirements (Academic Integrity Quiz and Academic Plan submission in the Academic Advising Training Course in Canvas) and/or making an appointment to see your advisor using CONNECT.

You may contact your assigned advisor anytime you have a question. However, outside of the pre-registration advising period, you may find is easiest to connect with an MEES Academic Advisor in Duke 380.