Pre-Registration Advising Requirements

Pre-Registration Advising Requirements

Pre-registration advising is mandatory for all Lee College of Engineering Students. An advising hold is placed on every student account and may be lifted by successful completion of the Academic Integrity Quiz and submission of a complete, updated academic plan via the Academic Advising Training Course in Canvas:

  1. Review and acknowledge the College of Engineering Progression Requirements.
  2. Complete the Advising Survey.
  3. Complete the Academic Integrity Quiz.
  4. Submit your BSME Academic Plan.

Students may also schedule an appoinment with their MEES advisor via CONNECT. This is optional, but may be helpful for students new to the program or who have extenuating academic concerns.

Students expecting to graduate in the current semester are exempt from the pre-registration advising requirement. They are however, encouraged to see their advisor with any questions or concerns regarding graduation or commencement.

Seniors (typically 90 or more semester credit hours; enrolled in MEGR 3255, 3355, or 3455) must complete the Academic Integrity Quiz and print a current CAPP degree audit and review it with an Academic Advisor in order to complete the pre-registration advising requirements and lift their advising hold. 

Completion of these requirements must occur within the timeline defined in the semester advising announcements each semester.