Master's Thesis Defense - Surya Phani Krishna Nukala

June 8, 2017 - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Motorsports Research Conference Room
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science, 704-687-8253

Design, Analysis, and Development of Brackets Exhibiting Snap Through Buckling Behavior


Support structures act as the back bone to the effective functionality of any system. Strength, stiffness and durability are the main contributing factors for a robust structure. But, sometimes it is important for a support structure to exhibit sufficient deflection under the application of load to avoid excessive load transmission towards the weak links of the structure.

With the fore mentioned requirement as the motivation, a load supporting bracket has been designed and developed for a special purpose application of allowing maximum deformation without failing beyond a threshold load criteria. Such a requirement can be achieved by designing a spring loaded mechanism which would collapse beyond certain load and retract as and when the load is released. Design of such mechanisms involves high number of parts and also demand frequent service of the parts to ensure fail proof functionality.

This thesis report describes the development of simple structure which capitalizes the snap through buckling behavior of materials within their elastic limit. A comprehensive methodology of the design of structure and working is presented using the CAD. The design is tested using both computational method and on field testing. In conclusion, a collapsible structure for the special purpose industrial application is designed, developed and tested to meet the requirements laid down by Michelin Inc.