Materials Lab

All undergraduate MEES students gain hands on experience on testing solid and fluid materials as they matriculate through our curriculum. The Material Processing and Testing Labs and the Thermal Fluids Labs are two such examples.

Through the junior level Materials Lab course (MEGR 3152) our MEES Undergraduates gain practice in a variety of concepts critical to using solid materials for a range of engineering applications. For instance, students learn the concepts of hardening via thermal cycling; metal polishing and hardness testing, concepts of metallography including etching; the power of scanning electron microscopy, etc…


This JEOL JSM 6480 Scanning Electron Microscope has the ability to reach magnifications of  up to 30,000. The MTS System 810 is used for evaluating materials under dynamic and static tensile and compressive loads. It is capable of applying loads of 20 kips

JEOL JSM 6480 Scanning Electron Microscope

MTS System

This Olympus BX51 upright microsope with Colorview camera is used to optically view the surface quality of a range of materials – including polished metals. The ECOMET 3 is a water polishing wheel commonly  used to polish metals using water flow and friction.

Olympus BX_ Microscope

ECOMET 3 Water Polishing Wheel

The Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Benchtop Industrial Furnace includes multiple safety features and can reach a 1200 degree celsius maximum temperature. The ElectroForce® 3200 Series III test instruments feature a 225 N (450 N optional) maximum force. With the versatility of static to 300 Hz frequency response, the table-top configuration is adaptable to a variety of biomedical research and engineered materials test applications, including torsion testing, creep under dynamic loading and special environments (hot/cold chambers).

FD-1500 Thermolyne Furnace

Bose 3200 Test Instrument

The Barnstead FA-1730 Furnace contains heavy-gauge coiled heating elements, embedded in refractory plates. The Instron 5582 Material Testing Machine performs tensile and compression testing as well as shear, flexure, peel, tear, cyclic, and bend tests

FA-1730 Thermolyne Furnace

Instron 5582 Material Testing Machine