Recent Graduates

Wes Love, MSME GraduateWes Love

MSME, December 2012
Advisor: Dr. John Ziegert
Thesis Title: Evaluating CNC Machine Tool Dynamic Performance for Modulated Tool-Path Chip Breaking

Employer: C.R. Onsrud
Job Title: Quality Engineer

"With the collection of accomplished faculty and one of the top metrology facilties in country, the mechanical engineering graduate program is second to none at UNC Charlotte. The Center for Precision Metrology is held in high esteem among engineering professionals."

Xiaoxia WuXiaoxia Wu, Ph.D. Graduate

Ph.D., May 2012
Advisor: Dr. Terry Xu
Dissertation Title: Experimental Measurement and Numerical Simulation

Employer: Intel
Job Title: Senior Processing Engineer

"Extensive hands-on experiences and a variety of coursework in materials, mechanics and metrologies at UNCC arm graduates well for job market."

Jaydeep Karandikar

Ph.D., August 2013
Advisor: Dr. Tony Schmitz
Dissertation Title: The Fundamental Application of Decision Analysis to Manufacturing

Employer: GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY
Job Title: Process Engineer, Manufacturing Processes Lab

"I had the most memorable time at UNCC thanks to outstanding professors, who prepared me for my research career, and my lab mates and friends, who helped me enjoy graduate student life."

Zhe GuanZhe Guan, Ph.D. Graduate

Ph.D., December 2013
Advisor: Dr. Terry Xu
Dissertation Title: Boron Carbide Nanowires: Synthesis and Characterization

Employer: Intel
Job Title: Senior Process Engineer

"The days I spent at UNCC not only have me better prepared for my career, but also provide me with the invaluable memories about the lovely climate and lovely people in the Queen City."

Vasishta GangulyVasishta Ganguly, PHD

Ph.D., May 2014
Advisor: Dr. Tony Schmitz
Dissertation Title: Characterization of the Dynamic Performance of Machine Spindles

Employer: ASML
Job Title: Mechanical Design Engineer

"The faculty and staff at UNCC make it a great place to study precision engineering and manufacturing. Plenty of cool, expensive equipment to gets hand on experience."

Nilay ChakrabortyNilay Chakraborty, PHD Graduate

Ph.D., August 2008
Advisor: Dr. Gloria Elliott
Dissertation Title: Non-Cryogenic Vitrification of Mammalian Cells for Preservation at Room Temperature

Employer: University of Michigan - Dearborn
Job Title: Assistant Professor

Nisha VenkatesanNisha Venkatesan, MS Graduate

MSME, December 2012
Advisor: Dr. Harish Cherukuri
Thesis Title: A Numerical Study of the Effect of Immersion Speed and Quench Direction on Residual Stresses Generated in Quenched 7075 Aluminum Alloys

Employer: Celanese Corporation
Job Title: Design and CAE Engineer

"The time I spent at UNCC was very memorable and will always be cherished. The faculty and staff for FEM were very knowledgeable and experienced.  I would especially like to thank my advisor who had been a great support in many ways."

Sanjeev TorviSanjeev Torvi, MS Graduate

MSME, December 2013
Advisor: Dr. Harish Cherukuri
Thesis Title: A coupled thermo-mechanical analysis of two-body abrasion

Employer: Roush Industries, Detroit, MI
Job Title: CAE Analyst

"UNC Charlotte has given me a lot of good memories and friends to cherish for a lifetime. The faculty and staff has been immensely helpful in shaping my career in Computational Mechanics. The courses and projects ensures the student gains thorough knowledge in the subject. The facilities are ideal for anyone interested in research. I would definitely recommend UNCC for all the prospective grad students."