Research within the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science is focused in six primary areas - manufacturing and metrology, computational mechanics and materials, motorsports engineering, bioengineering, thermal fluids science, and dynamics and controls. Within these areas, students pursue a variety of research topics that address design, manufacturing, metrology, thermal and fluid sciences, solid mechanics, biomedical engineering, materials engineering and science, and mechanical control and instrumentation. Students are encouraged to consider the variety of research and their interests as they progress in their degree program, choose an advisor, and develop their program of study.


Hansang ChoGloria D. Elliott Ahmed El-GhannamCharles LeeNigel Zheng 

Computational Mechanics and Materials

Harish Cherukuri | Howie Fang | Robert E. Johnson | Russell KeaniniPraveen Ramaprabhu | Alireza Tabarraei | Mesbah Uddin | Qiuming WeiTerry Xu | Haitao Zhang

Manufacturing and Metrology

Matthew Davies | Christopher Evans | Kostandinos Falaggis | Kevin Lawton | Edward Morse | Brigid Mullany | Steven Patterson | Jeffrey Raquet | Tony SchmitzScott Smith | Stuart Smith | John Ziegert | Joseph Owen

Motorsports Engineering

Howie FangPeter Tkacik | Mesbah Uddin

Thermal Fluids Science and Engineering

Gloria Elliott Nenad SarunacChristopher Vermillion

Dynamics and Controls

Matthew Davies | Scott Kelly | Joshua Tarbutton | Christopher Vermillion