Thermal Fluids Lab

All undergraduate MEES students gain hands on experience on testing solid and fluid materials as they matriculate through our curriculum. The Material Processing and Testing Labs and the Thermal Fluids Labs are two such examples.

One of our required senior year courses is MEGR 3251: Thermal Fluids Lab. Here students are exposed to designing, testing, and evaluating a range of fluid and heat flow properties using a wide array of equipment ranging from viscometers, to flow benches, to radiometers.

The AF10 airflow bench system is designed to support a family of experiments which demonstrate basic principles of compressible fluid flow This trainer allows students to explore basic refrigeration principles. The system has been extensively upgraded by laboratory staff to allow measurements of temperature at key cycle points, heat transfer at the condenser and evaporator and total energy usage.
Air Flow Bench AF10

Brodhead-Garrett 9001 Basic Refrigeration Trainer