Academic Integrity and MEES Code of Honor

Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Science Code of Honor

Students, Faculty and Staff in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science at UNC Charlotte uphold the highest ethical standards.

  • We will not lie, cheat or steal.
  • We strive to behave ethically, morally, responsibly, and professionally.
  • We will work to create a culture that supports these standards.

Academic Integrity Quiz

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science is striving to continuously promote, support, and uphold the highest ethical standards within the department.

One step in achieving this goal is to raise your awareness of commonplace academic integrity issues. To do this we have set up a short quiz in Canvas.

The quiz, consisting of five multiple choice questions, is based on UNC Charlotte's Code of Student Academic Integrity, and common, real-world scenarios you may experience as an undergraduate student.

While there is no penalty for getting incorrect answers on your first (or subsequent) attempt(s), you must eventually get all questions correct. Your academic advisor has access to your quiz results in Canvas, and cannot lift your academic advising hold until all questions have been successfully answered.

For more information about Academic Integrity at UNC Charlotte, please visit

Academic Advising and Integrity Quiz Instructions

  • Login to your Canvas account (NinerNET username and password).
  • On your Dashboard screen, you will see a Training course, MEES Advising_Semester Year (Ex. MEES Advising_Spring 2018). Click on the course to continue.
  • In the menu at left, click on 'Quizzes'.
  • Click on 'Academic Integrity Quiz' to begin the quiz.