MEGR 6000/8000 Research Seminar

MEGR 6000/8000, Research Seminar is offered each semester during the regular academic year and consists of presentations on the current research in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Science, and related fields.

Who must Register for research seminar?

All PhD students are required to register for the MEGR 8000 Seminar course each semester, unless an exception is made by the Graduate Programs Director. The course is graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. MSME students are encouraged to attend the departmental seminars and may register for MEGR 6000 if they choose.

What are the course attendance requirements?

In order to receive a satisfactory grade, you must attend a total of four seminars on campus each semester you are enrolled in the seminar course. The seminars can be the MEES department-sponsored seminars given by external speakers and/or those given by external speakers in departments outside of the MEES department. External speakers are those from outside the UNC Charlotte campus. Seminars attended outside the department must be in the STEM disciplines.

Graduate students who present their research at a conference may receive credit toward MEGR 6000/8000 course requirements. One presentation counts as one seminar attendance. Attach the abstract of your presentation from the conference agenda or proceedings, list the date and title of your presentation on your attendance record and have your faculty advisor sign off.

Please use this form to record your attendance at seminars. Generally, an MEES faculty member is in attendance at our departmental seminars and can sign your attendance form. For those outside the department, either the speaker or a UNC Charlotte faculty member in that department can sign your attendance form. Attendance forms are due no later than the last day of classes each semester.

What seminars are offered each semester?

Seminar details will be announced as they become available. The most current seminar information can be found here. Information on campus-wide research seminar opportunities can be found here.