MEES Graduate Student Seminar Series, Ryan Copenhaver

November 13, 2018 - 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Duke 345

Stability Analysis of Modulated Tool Path Turning

Ryan Copenhaver, Ph.D. Student in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
Dr. Tony Schmitz, Advisor

A new periodic sampling-based method for identifying the stability of modulated tool path turning (MTP) is presented. A metric is defined that provides a numerical value to indicate stability; it is nominally zero for forced vibration and large for self-excited vibration. Tests were performed using ASM 6061-T6 aluminum tubes with varying wall thicknesses to control stability, where MTP was applied to create discrete chips by superimposing sinusoidal oscillation in the feed direction. Results are compared for the new periodic sampling metric and the traditional frequency-domain approach, where the frequency spectrum is analyzed to identify the chatter frequency (should it exist).

About the Speaker:  Ryan Copenhaver is currently a second-year mechanical engineering PhD. student at UNC Charlotte. His graduate research pertains to manufacturing engineering with a focus in machining dynamics.  He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from UNC Charlotte in 2016. In his off-time, Ryan enjoys outdoor activities such a fly fishing, hiking, camping, and SCUBA diving.