Instructional Methods Spring 2021 and Fall 2020 - Student Guide

Understanding Instructional Methods – Student Guide for Spring 2021 and Fall 2020

We have created this student guide to assist students with understanding the instructional methods available in fall 2020, as well as how to search Banner Self-Service and the Schedule Wizard for these details. Click here for a PDF version of this guide.

In addition, here are links and apps that may be helpful to students in Online and Hybrid courses:

Selecting your Classes

This fall, when you select your classes in Banner or Schedule Wizard, you will see a description of the instructional method for each course. You can sort by these options when searching for courses.

·Face-to-Face Instruction

  • Attend face-to-face classes at a fixed and regular meeting time
  • Held in classrooms and labs with enough space to allow for social distancing


  • ​Attend a face-to-face class at a fixed and regular meeting time, plus engage in an online component
  • The options for the online component may include:
    • Synchronous delivery (specific meeting times)
    • Asynchronous delivery (no specific meeting times)
    • Simulcast delivery (one group of students attends a face-to-face class once a week while the other group views the class live online synchronously, then the groups switch)

·Online: No Specific Meeting Times (aka asynchronous)

  • ​Fully online with no specific meeting times

·Online: Specific Meeting Times (aka synchronous)

  • Fully online with specific meeting times, meeting on a regular schedule.​

Students may view instructional method via the Student Detail Schedule in Banner Self-Service:

Banner SSB> Student Services/Student Accounts>Registration>Student Detail Schedule>Fall 2020 then click Submit:


Instructional Methods for Fall 2020

Updates from the Provost regarding Instruction Methods and Laptops (June 12)

How to Search and Filter for Instructional Method in Banner Self-Service

  1. Log into Banner Self-Service using your NinerNet credentials.
  2. Click the ‘Student Services/Student Accounts’ tab in the top menu.
  3. Click the link ‘Course Summary Search’.

  1. Select the term you want to search and click the ‘Submit’ button.
  2. On the next screen, click the ‘Advanced Search’ button.

  1. On the next screen, select the Subject you want to search, eg. Mechanical Engineering.
  • To limit the search to a specific course, enter the Course Number, eg. 2141.
  • Let Schedule Type default to ‘All’.
  • For Instructional Method, select the desired method(s). Hold the Shift key to select more than one method. Default to ‘All’ to search for all available methods.
  1. Leave the Credit Range and Campus fields as is.
  2. To view all courses, let Course Level default to ‘All’. To view ‘Graduate’ or ‘Undergraduate’ only, select those options using the menu.
  3. Leave the Part of Term and Attribute Type fields as is.
  4. Selections for course days and times may be made, if desired.
  5. Click the ‘Section Search’ button.

  1. The sections found will be displayed. In this example, MEGR 2141 sections 002, 003 and 005 are Face-to-Face. Next, click on a CRN for more information – the instructional method can be verified this way.

  1. The section information displays the instructional method, in this case, Face-to-Face Instructional Method.

  1. Click Return to Previous to return to the search results generated. From here, click on another CRN to view the section information or generate a new search by clicking the ‘New Search’ button.



How to Search and Filter for Instructional Method in Schedule Wizard

This video tutorial provides instructions on how to use Schedule Wizard and search for instructional methods.