MEGR Curriculum Change - Fall 2018

Effective fall 2018, a curriculum change has been approved that affects the requirements for MEGR 3216 and MEGR 3221 as well as the required hours for the BSME.

Clarifications for students who wish to earn a BSME (with or without a concentration) in December 2018 or after:

  1. Students will be required to take MEGR 3216 or MEGR 3221. Students may take both (MEGR 3216 and MEGR 3221) and have the second course satisfy one technical elective/Motorsports elective/Biomedical elective/Energy elective.

  2. The degree of BSME requires passing (grade of D or better) of MEGR 3112 and MEGR 3116. Eligibility to take MEGR 3216 will still require a grade of C or better in both MEGR 3112 and MEGR 3116.

  3. Students who took UWRT 1103 or 1104 (freshman writing) do not need an extra course to satisfy the requirement of hours for the BSME because of a reduction in required hours to 120 without a concentration or 121 with a concentration.

There are no changes in requirements for students who wish to graduate in spring 2018 or summer 2018.

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